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NFTU is an independent news site focused on events in the True Orthodox Churches and the endeavors of the Ecumenists collected from inside and outside sources.

Disclaimer: This is not an official nor representative website of any True Orthodox jurisdiction.


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Bp. Ambrose of Methone (GOC-K) Makes Pastoral Visit to Georgia

Bp Ambrose of Methone Georgia visit

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Bp. Ambrose of Methone, church construction, Events, Feasts, Georgia, GOC(K)-SiR Union, GOC-K, Jurisdictions, missionary work, Orthodox News, pastoral visit, TOC-Kirykos, True Orthodox Dialogue, true orthodoxy | 0 comments

September 11, 2014 (Source: According to the official website of the GOC-K, Bp. Ambrose of Methone made an official pastoral visit to the churches of the GOC-K in the nation of Georgia. The visit took in...

Phanar Expects Vatican Official Visit in November

bartholomew and francis upcoming visit

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Apostasy, ecumenical patriarch bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarchate, ecumenical patriarchate and abortion, Ecumenism, Ecumenism Rome, Modernism, New Calendar Churches, Papism, Pope, Pope Francis, trans-religious syncretism | 0 comments

September 11, 2014 (Source: Originally reported on September 09 The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople expects Pope Francis to visit Turkey in late November for St Andrew’s...