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Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Antiochian Patriarchate, Apostasy, Ecumenism, Ecumenism Rome, Jerusalem Patriarchate | 2 comments

Antiochian Patriarchate Continues Ecumenism and Threatens Break with Jerusalem

As reported on the October 17th, 2013, Synodal report of the ecumenist/modernist Patriarchate of Antioch, a possible rupture may soon happen with the Jerusalem Patriarchate over the JP’s election of an archbishop for Quatar. The Antiochian patriarchate also in the document lauded Muslims as their ‘brothers’ and encouraged continued ecumenism with the Vatican, especially after¬† the recent meeting between Pope Francis and the Antiochian patriarchate.

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  • Joshua Speed

    If the East and West do NOT unite, Islam will triumph. Stop the petty squabbling.

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden

      Thanks. Glad that we have you to clear up what’s petty, because otherwise we’d have to listen to, I dunno, GOD or something.