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The civil court in Cannes has requested that a meeting of the association for the Cathedral be called on May 30. While the MP has asked for a delay until the end of the year, the request was refused. The association guarding the Cathedral will elect a new administrator, likely in concert with the court decision, on May 30.

The previous administrator, Varnava of Cannes, had originally broken communion with the ROCOR when dialogue with an end to union with the MP began. However, after a scandal caused by his living with another man had shocked the faithful to action, he joined the ROCOR-MP where he was given his previous ranking. Since then he entered into a “civil union” with the man in question.

The following was posted to Metropolitan Agafangel’s livejournal (translation unknown): The current delay is due to the need to convene a meeting of the association that governs the Church of Archangel Michael in Cannes, France.  The bylaws state such a meeting can only be called by the association’s Chairman, Bishop Varnava, who has been Chairman since 1996.  Since Bishop Varnava has joined the MP and has also committed a series of actions which frankly place him outside of Christianity (he entered into a same-sex union with a male and was convicted of fraud for his financial wrongdoing), he clearly cannot head the association.  In order to convene a legitimate meeting, the court must appoint a representative who can attend the meeting. 

The court had a hearing on May 2, 2012, where representatives of the MP asked the hearing be postponed to the end of December of this year.  The court agreed to a postponement, but only to May 30.

We hope a date for the meeting of the association will be set on May 30.  At that meeting the married couple of Varnava Prokofiev and Seraphim Baranchikov (as they are called in the court case as representatives of the MP) will be voted out of the association and order can be restored in the parish.

It is amazing that ROCOR(MP) has fallen so low that it reaffirmed the title of bishop to Varnava (Prokofiev) after taking it away earlier, only for the sake of having him be the rector of the parish and blesses his serving there and even ordinations performed by him (these are being done quickly to increase the number of “defendants” in the parish), while this person is in a same-sex union and was convicted of fraud!  One could not even imagine this in one’s worst nightmares.  What other proof do the blind need of how far the ROCOR(MP) Synod has fallen in order to finally see?” 

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