True Orthodoxy in Russia

North American Administrative District
of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
Diocesan Center
St. Nicholas Convent Fund, 626 Landing Rd N., Rochester, NY 14625

May 9/22, 2009

St. Nicholas of Myra

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

With the blessings of ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel and Archbishop Andronik of Ottawa and North America, a campaign has been started to purchase property for use as a diocesan center for the ROCA in North America.

Such a property would include:

  1. A residence for the ruling bishop and a monastic brotherhood;
  2. A monastic community (female) dedicated to daily services;
  3. Establishment of a cemetery on the grounds;
  4. Organization of on-site youth & clergy retreats, choir conferences, and seminars;
  5. Establishment of a library to serve as an archive and repository of documents, periodicals and books pertaining to the traditions, heritage and history of the ROCA.

Among the options we are considering, an opportunity has presented itself to buy a 150-acre property in central New York State that has a house, a freestanding chapel and four large barns and outbuildings. It is necessary to raise $125,000 immediately for the down payment. At present, we have a commitment of $60,000. Along with donations towards the down payment, a second campaign is also underway to target donors who can make regular monthly pledges of $100., that will be applied towards the mortgage payments.

One of the casualties of the grievous union of the Russian Church under Metropolitan Hilarion with the Moscow Patriarchate (MP) has been the loss of a home for many monastics, who would not accept such a union. The establishment of a diocesan center with a brotherhood and a convent would serve as a residence to help support these monastics.

When it is established, a diocesan center will also be a great source of spiritual hope and inspiration for our parishes and far-flung parishioners, who have resisted union with the MP. It is said: Where there is no vision, the people perish (Prov. 29:18). A diocesan center that is foremost, a monastic community centered on prayer and the salvation of one’s soul, but also available to support and encourage activities for the welfare of all in the ROCA, is a vision worth bringing to fruition. It will take the help and talents of all of us to make this happen. May the Lord bless!

Please contribute to this effort. Tax-deductible donations and requests of those who wish to make monthly pledges may be sent to: ROCA Assistance Fund, PO Box 7119, Falls Church, VA 22040.

Checks should be made to the ROCA Assistance Fund and designated for:

Diocesan Center/St. Nicholas Convent

Donors who contribute $1000.00 or more will be granted

a burial site at the proposed cemetery if they so desire.

  • Donors of $500 or more will have their names placed on

a plaque mounted in the church.

May God bless you for your support of this endeavor!

Yours in Christ,

Archbishop Andronik Mother Agapia

Archbishop of Ottawa and North America Superior, St. Nicholas Convent

Further inquiries regarding the Center may be addressed to mother Agapia (Stephanopoulos)

by phone at 585-385-3091 or by e-mail:

Diocesan Center

Fund Committee

His Eminence,

Archbishop Andronik

Mother Agapia

Kn. Irina Bagration

Vladimir Skok

George Gerasimowicz

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