Eighth Day of Repose of Archbishop Nicholas of Athens

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October 21, 2013
Metropolitan Christopher of Mesogaia Leaves Lamian Synod over HOCNA Heresy
October 30, 2013

Eighth Day of Repose of Archbishop Nicholas of Athens

According to the best information we have, Archbishop Nicholas of the TOC of Greece (“Matthewites”) reposed on October 7/20 NS. (Source: http://oprotoklitos.blogspot.de/2013/10/blog-post_20.html)

Archbishop Nicholas reigned from 2003 until his death this year. His election was marked by a controversy which led to a schism between the majority of the Synod and Metropolitan Kirykos of Mesogaia, along with a number of parishes. The majority of the parishes, however, remained faithful to the Archbishop.

Memory Eternal.

  • Priestmonk Father Sozomenos

    Dear Fr. Deacon Joseph, I hope you are well. I personally do not agree with the phrase “schism by Metropolitan Kirykos”, because It is not he who instigated the schism. I do however understand that it is easy to think otherwise, therefore I do not blame the writer of the above article.

    I do have detailed information of how Metropolitan Kirykos, visited Bishop Nicholas two days before his repose. Many people will rethink their quick judgments of Met. Kirykos, if only they knew the truth. Let’s just say for now, that our hierarchs are willing and always have been willing to talk for a healing of the schism.

    If you would like more info let me know. fr.sozomenos@gmail.com.

    By the way this is also our website here for the British Isles: http://www.orthodoxchurchbritishisles.com/index.html

    Priestmonk Fr. Sozomenos

    • Priestmonk Father Sozomenos

      Dear Fr. Joseph, thank you for the re-phrasing of your document.

  • NFTU

    Dear Fr Sozomenos, Evlogite.

    I apologize if my wording came out as offensive (I have changed the text to use more neutral language above).

    I will say, however, that any discussion on the matter of the schism I have seen is filled with nothing but polemic and invective. Both parties have issued statements referring to the other as laypeople. Metropolitan Kirykos has set up one-Bishop “Synods” to “cover” most of the inhabited world in what is listed on his own website as a “Pan-Orthodox Synod”. Meanwhile the Synod in Greece of Abp Nicholas has largely replaced what was lost.

    So I don’t see a healing of a schism, as it appears two different goals are being aimed for here. I respect the visits of Bishops to other Bishops at the moments of their deaths. I only wish they would treat each other more kindly while both parties are alive. -Dcn Joseph

  • nephongoc

    New Archbishop Elected For The Matthewites Bishop Stefanos Of Vresthenes……….http://oprotoklitos.blogspot.gr/2013/11/blog-post.html