HOCNA: Priest Leaves for HOTCA; Refitting Barn for Former HTM Monks

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November 23, 2012
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November 23, 2012

HOCNA: Priest Leaves for HOTCA; Refitting Barn for Former HTM Monks

For a timeline of the events that caused the departure of the overwhelming majority of HOCNA to the GOC-Kallinikos, click here.

Another priest has left HOCNA for the GOC-Kallinikos, commonly referred to in the United States as the HOTCA.

Fr Christos Paitsas, one of three priests at the Pillars of Orthodoxy Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, has joined the HOTCA. No statements have been found to that effect, though pictures have surfaced online from his reception.

In other former HOCNA news, a barn has been winterized for the large number of monks who left HOCNA for the HOTCA. According to an email sent out by Fr Panagiotes Carras, “Four cars/trucks with trailer went to Holy Ascension Monastery between November 15 to 19 to assist the brotherhood in winterizing a barn for monastics to live. ¬†This trip will never be forgotten. We accomplished a great deal in the working days and nights with Gods help. The trip was well organized from beginning to end.”

For those unclear as to how large a contingent from HTM left, a picture attached to the email serves as a useful reminder.

  • Ambrose

    God bless them for their labours, and may our Lord also preserve Fr. Christos! I hope people still in HOCNA wake up and ask themselves why their priests continue to leave. This is obviously not just about the indecent behaviour!

  • Stan Ihoria

    @disqus_Y6LjDyd67i:disqus , I totally agree with your sentiments! I hope that the Fathers can at least be somewhat comfortable in their accommodations through the winter. It’s great news about Fr Christos! What’s left in HOCNA, 2-3 married clergy?

  • Ted

    Father Christos was the future of the parish he came from. The parish along with the 2 other clergy (both physically challenged) chose death over life.