Journalist: Two Days of Fasting a Week Improves Health

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August 10, 2012
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August 11, 2012

Journalist: Two Days of Fasting a Week Improves Health

We wonder what two days Michael Mosley chose when he decided to try two days of intermittent fasting per week. Since the universal Orthodox tradition advises Wednesdays and Fridays of the year as days of fast, we here at NFTU likewise endorse those days.

From the BBC:

The IGF-1 hormone (insulin-like growth factor) is one of the drivers which keep our bodies in go-go mode, with cells driven to reproduce. This is fine when you are growing, but not so good later in life.

There is now evidence suggesting that IGF-1 levels can be lowered by what you eat. Studies on calorie restrictors suggest that eating less helps, but it is not enough

As well as cutting calories you have to cut your protein intake. Not entirely – that would be a very bad idea. It’s about sticking to recommended guidelines, something most of us fail to do.

The reason seems to be that when our bodies no longer have access to food they switch from “growth mode” to “repair mode”.

I decided I couldn’t manage ADF, it was just too impractical. Instead I did an easier version, the so-called 5:2 diet. As the name implies you eat normally 5 days a week, then two days a week you eat 500 calories if you are a woman, or 600 calories, if you are a man. (Full Article Here)

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  • Jonathan Gress

    Interesting. Of course, the purpose of fasting isn’t primarily about bodily health, but about self-denial. It’s nice to see, however, that our Creator anticipated the Church’s fasting regulations, so to speak, by rendering periodic abstinence beneficial to bodily repair.

  • A few years back some American dieticians looked into the Orthodox fasting
    regime and its rhythm throughout the year and offered their conclusions –
    one of the healthier and better balanced patterns of eating and very
    suitable for Westerners/ Caucasians.

    When I had an angiogram two
    years ago the cardiologist expected to find arteries in bad condition and
    needing stents. He was surprised to find them clean and in very good condition and he
    opined it was thanks to my decades of eating orthodoxically.

    So fast
    in peace – it’s good for both body and soul.