Main Matthewite Synod Issues Declaration

The mainline Matthewite Synod, whose president is Archbishop Stephanos, issued a condemnation of the actions of several clergy for accusing the Synod of planning a ‘union’ with the GOC-K.  Part of the issue was that a bishop of the GOC-K, called “Mr. Kyprianos”, gave a greeting to a Matthewite bishop at a service, which caused a great deal of scandal. One Matthewite Bishop and other clergy reacted by asking that a new confession of faith be signed by the Synod; the Synod reacted by saying there was no need since it did not solicit nor want the presence or ‘greeting’ of the Mr. Kyprianos [presumably the current GOC-K bishop of Oropos and Phyle].  The attached file is only an ‘Unofficial’ translation.  UNOFFICIAL ENGLISH transl. Synod Decision 3504 24.8.172012323466