NFTU adds to the writing group: Welcome Minas Christie!

Haitian Mission Update
February 11, 2010
GOC-Chrysostomos: Official Video of Theophany 2010 in Greece
February 15, 2010

NFTU adds to the writing group: Welcome Minas Christie!

UPDATED NOTE: Since a slander site started by Minas Christie (called a “humor” site by the mentally ill) is linking to our site with evil slanders I think it’s best that people see a response right here. I put together that site after almost a year of lies and slander from this man on multiple sites. I have virtually no regrets in starting NFTU except for dealing with Minas. I gave a person I didn’t properly vet writer privileges without knowing his history as a serial harasser and stalker. For that I owe you, readers, an apology.

The original post remains below.

Longtime NFTU contributor and commentator Minas Christie is joining NFTU. Minas has been at the forefront of gathering news for NFTU, and took us up on the offer to contribute directly.

Minas resides in St Petersburg, FL. He has been married to his wife Monica for a bit over four years and they are eagerly expecting their first child, a girl in June 2010. They attend services in Spring Hill, FL at the home chapel of Fr George Pullas (who is under the Synod in Resistance) when circumstances permit.

Welcome, Minas!