NFTU is Seeking to Expand

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July 2, 2009
ROAC: Occupation of ROAC Church to become illegal in 16 days
July 4, 2009

NFTU is Seeking to Expand

Update 7/11. NFTU as of today, has reached 101,000 readers. Please read this article; we need writers to keep going!

Greetings to all our loyal readers as we approach the feast of the Apostles.

We are very rapidly approaching the official 100,000 mark for hits on the site, approximately half occurring in the first half of the year (we’ve been seeing 400% increases in annual readership since 2006 and this year, even assuming it tapers off this month, we will see a 200% increase– meaning 2009, God willing, will reach a full 100,000 readers for the year). It’s obvious that our readers are interested not just in positive developments in traditional Orthodox Christianity but also exposing– and heading off– ecumenical developments in the official Churches.

And NFTU has a lot to report. This is where the title comes in. We need volunteer writers!

In previous years, we’ve had cross-jurisdictional contributions from different people and that has helped to make the site what it is today because the truth is that a lot of our reporting comes from news tips. News tips from interested Orthodox Christians who want to let us know what is newsworthy in their own jurisdiction. And we’ve put it up. And– the numbers don’t lie– people want to know more. Our common effort is making a rapidly increasing difference and more people want to know.

I think we can take it to another level. I’m inviting, cross-jurisdictionally, interested parties to report on goings-on in their Churches for NFTU, as well as local ecumenical developments. With a minimal set of guidelines for editorial integrity, we can keep a cross-jurisdictional momentum going for news and events to keep people informed.

If you think you’ve got things to report, you are in the know, and you’d like us reporting more about positive happenings in your jurisdiction, become a writer for NFTU! If you feel we’ve been underreporting on your jurisdiction, again– become a writer for NFTU! If you just want to make this the best news source out there and we’ve been missing stuff– join the team!

We started NFTU’s new format in 2006 to reach out, cross-jurisdictionally, and it’s working– people aren’t looking back. But I think the way forward is obvious– when our Churches have representative voices, we will be able to preach the gospel more effectively. Defend the truth more effectively. And expose ecumenism and Sergianism for what they are more effectively.

Write us, comment on this post– tell us what you think. Because what we here at NFTU want is to make sure we are in the service of True Orthodoxy, and the more True Orthodox we get involved, the better.

In Christ,
Reader Joseph Suaiden, General Editor