Priest Goran (Seraphim) Jovanov Deposed by Australian Orthodox Church (GOC-I)

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Priest Goran (Seraphim) Jovanov Deposed by Australian Orthodox Church (GOC-I)



Dear brothers and sisters in the Faith,

in this year of Our Lord 2014, on this 14th day of November commemorating the Holy Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian; I Prokopios, Bishop of this Metropolis hereby deliver via decree the unfortunate defrockment of the former cleric: Goran (Seraphim) Jovanov.

It is with great sadness, and much regret that after a period of review and petition, the diocesan tribunal gathered to discern the unlawful actions of the former cleric concerned.

Hence, after a intense term of inquiry, we humbly submit the findings of the cleric mentioned above; with due integrity to the person in question.

Thus, due to various canonical impediments which have been disclosed to the Holy Synod and this venerable assembly (tribunal); the former (Archimandrite) Priest has been removed from the ranks of the clergy due to abandoning his duties at the Altar he was ordained to serve.

Furthermore, the cleric anathematized himself willfully and by premeditation; thus joining himself to an unlawful sect with a deposed cleric which share not in Apostolic Communion.

In conclusion, may I remind the faithful that any continuity of ministry served by the apostate, is rendered invalid, uncanonical; absent of all Grace!

It is my fervent prayer that the now layman: Goran Jovanov entreats the Lord for his mercy and in time will ask forgiveness from the people of God he has betrayed.

May I invite you all to pray for his repentance that he like the prodigal son may come to his senses and return to the Father.

With patronal care; imparting my Apostolic blessing to the People of God,

Signed by our own hand:

CC: Holy and Sacred Synod of the Bishops & all Orthodox Churches in Australia.

Editor’s Note: The GOC under the Presidency of Archbishop Iakovos III (GOC-I) is the continuation of that Synod formerly headed by Archbishop Maximos (Vallianatos) and Archbishop Auxentios II (Marinos). Metropolitan Prokopios is the ruling Metropolitan of Australia. This news comes from their official website at

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