Vatican Shifts Toward Accepting Gay Unions?

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October 13, 2014
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Vatican Shifts Toward Accepting Gay Unions?

October 13, 2014 (Source:

In pastoral terms, the document published today by the Synod of Bishops represents an earthquake, the “big one” that hit after months of smaller tremors.

The relatio post disceptationem read aloud in the synod hall, while defending fundamental doctrine, calls for the church to build on positive values in unions that the church has always considered “irregular,” including cohabitating couples, second marriages undertaken without annulments and even homosexual unions.

Regarding homosexuals, it went so far as to pose the question whether the church could accept and value their sexual orientation without compromising Catholic doctrine.

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NFTU Comment:

The Vatican Church has seen one centuries long shift downward and away further from the foundations of Christianity (as exemplified in the Orthodox Christian Faith).  As Dr. Joseph Overbeck, the well-known Roman Catholic priest turned Russian Orthodox Christian apologist and polemicist (being the first vocal and virulent opponent of the early ecumenical movement), predicted would naturally happen; especially, as he said, with Papism becoming  more heretical after they declared the Pope was able to make infallible statements ‘ex cathedra’.  It was only a matter of time before the institutionalism of Roman Catholicism would be completely infected with modernism and ecumenism, which would lead to an institutional degradation that was impossible to be recovered from.  Even from a worldly perspective, with Rome being cut off from the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church since the 11th century, and thus deprived of the Sacramental Grace of God, Rome is irreversibly damaged beyond belief.

The attempts to see ‘qualifying’ statements coming out is generally reflective of Vatican policy of trying to do ‘control damage’ in word, but in act not doing anything.  A general trend you see in Roman Catholic history (especially the last 50 years) is one where, 1) something happens that is technically contrary to Vatican teaching and/or policy, 2) some statements are made to moderate the previous actions or statements, 3) the ‘damage control’ has no effect, and the activity continues, and 4) the Vatican eventually issues some sort of approval that is merely a fait accompli (this, for example, was what happened in Papism with female altar servers).

Yet, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the other leaders of World Orthodoxy seem just not to care.  They will have their union with the degraded corpse of fallen Old Rome no matter the cost.