About NFTU

NFTU (Notes From the Underground) is a volunteer online news reporting service which, since 2004, has dealt with news and information about True (Traditional) Orthodox jurisdictions throughout the world as well as reporting on Ecumenism, the most prevalent and dangerous condemned heresy of the 20th century.

Originally started in 2004 as a theoretical framework for the ROAC’s official web site in America, it was eventually discarded for other designs. However, the templates found a new use: they were modified to form an unofficial ROAC news and information site with assistance and contributions from a number of writers and lay members of ROAC.

In 2006, the site was reworked to become a general True Orthodox news site. NFTU has since grown to a readership approaching 500,000 a year as well as throughout various forms of social media. In 2010, NFTU began live-call in programs on BlogTalkRadio and in 2012, introduced a forum to discuss matters relating to True Orthodoxy. With a cross-jurisdictional membership we hope to continue to serve the needs of the True Orthodox community for years to come.