Abp ROSTISLAV of Volgograd (TOC-R): Paschal Epistle

Volgograd- Administrator of the Kazan diocese of True Orthodox Church

“… Christ, to bring us to God once suffered for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit” (1Pet.3, 18)

“My Lord! Grant us – not in words only, but even by our whole life, the precepts of thy obedient, to witness unto all unbelievers and the wicked, for you, the innocent sufferer for our sins – Truly He is Risen!” (St.Joseph of Petrograd)

Christ is Risen!

Beloved brethren in Christ – hierarchs, priests, monks, monasticism and religious, and all the True Orthodox Christians!

I warmly congratulate you all on Pascha – the Resurrection!

The basis of this great feast of Pascha formed the Gospel event – the miraculous Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on the third day after the execution. Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for the whole world and rose from the dead from the grave to His precious Blood lead each of us to salvation. Rose from the dead, so that through faith in Him, we become sons of God. So today all Orthodox Christians glorify the Risen Lord, so that Christ’s Passover is the greatest Christian holiday. Bright Easter joy reminds us that we – Orthodox Christians – are a new creature in Christ . And once in this time of life will die, then rise up from the dead because death for us is nothing more than a temporary sleep, from which it has awakened to the eternal and blessed life. Therefore, Easter is the day for us so happy!

The Word of God on this day especially solemn sounds, especially triumphant, because it was on this day light illuminated the great work of God, the light of His victory over sin and death, light, open, the gates of Heaven. The Word of God in this day of unique sounds of Easter hymns, including continuous exclamations: Christ is Risen!

“Rejoice, ye people, and have fun, to this day the Lord has made ​​his own” – this joy experienced by all those who are filled with boundless love for the risen Lord, who betrayed his native Orthodoxy, who are suffering dearly love our motherland.

“Let God be scattered at once Him!” – exclaims the holy Church to this day. Let God in our hearts and may stop the injustice, enmity, hatred, and any differences not only in the families of Orthodox Christians, but also in our church life and the world.

The solemn celebration worship service Pascha canon loud calls: “Pascha of the faithful!” . Only those who truly believe in the Savior Jesus Christ – only one celebrating Pascha with great joy and a very great day! For those who firmly believes in Jesus Christ – he prepared himself for Pascha: fasted, prayed, confessed with a penitent heart, and the fear of God had begun to take Holy Communion. Who really believes in Jesus Christ – he carries out his commandments, that really is an Orthodox Christian Pascha and to him is the Feast of all feasts.

On this day we have not only filled with great joy, but the desire to ensure that, for all the temptations and temptations of this world and start living the life of Christ, which reaches the perfection of His Second Coming, when He has put all His enemies, of which the last will be defeated by death (1Cor.15 26), after which he will give the kingdom to God the Father, “that God may be all in all” (1Cor.15 :27-28).

May we always worthy of the title – a Christian! And we will continue to always stand in the truth of God and freedom in Christ, bequeathed to us by the Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, did not bend the knee to Baal in the hour departures (3 Kings 19: 18). Great is the joy of Easter in Heaven! And we are still here on earth, rejoice and ineffable this incomparable joy that is given to know the true believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and His glorious resurrection.

On my own I wish you peace, health, spiritual strength and physical strength, grace and God’s help in all good undertakings and works for the good of our holy Church, and our earthly Fatherland!

To our Great and Father, His Holiness Raphael, Archbishop of Moscow, Metropolitan of All Russia, and throughout the Holy Bishopric of the True Orthodox Church – many years! All clergy, monasticics and monks of our holy Church – many years! And all the True Orthodox Christians – many years!

Christ is Risen! Truly Christ is Risen!

The grace of God   –

† Archbishop Rostislav

Administrator of Volgograd and Kazan diocese

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