From June 15th to 23rd  (Old Style) Bp. Clement of Gardikion (Synod in Resistance) made a pastoral visit to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as a pilgrimage to venerate the relics of St. Rotislav. The SiR site states:

“Bishop Klemes, accompanied by Subdeacons Apostolos Phykias and Cyprian Koutsaliakos, flew to Vienna on Thursday June 15/28, 2012. From there, he travelled by road to Jezdovice, in the Czech Re- public, near the city of Jihlava, the driver being the Reverend Father Jiří (George) Ján, a Czech Priest who serves our Church in Greece and who acted as translator on this, as on previous visits. In Jezdov- ice, Bishop Klemes was welcomed by the Reverend Father Jeremias Cvak and his large family at the Church of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. “

 “On the morning of Monday, June 19/July 2, Bishop Klemes andthose accompanying him set out by road for southeastern Slovakia(Carpatho-Russia), by way of Hungary. After a long journey, tiringon account of the heat, they ar-rived in the village of Micha-lany, Slovakia, in the afternoonof the same day.”

 Of particular interest was the fact that one Czech official admitted to Bp. Clement that the Uniates had opposed the building of an ‘Old Calendarist’ and ‘Conservative Orthodox’ church in this particular town:

“In the festal meal that followed, the Mayor of Michalany ex- pressed his goodwill towards our small community and said how profoundly impressed he was by all that he had seen and heard. Par- ticularly striking was his admission that the Uniates of the area had vehemently objected to granting permission to erect our Church on the property of our Priest, Father Vladimir, because they did not wish the Old Calendarist “conservative Orthodox” to have a Church! However, justice and truth prevailed, and the Uniates were put to shame.”

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July 18, 2012

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From June 15th to 23rd  (Old Style) Bp. Clement of Gardikion (Synod in Resistance) made a pastoral visit to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well […]
July 18, 2012

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