A renowned Russian designer seems to have ranked the MP Kirill as the best dressed of all Patriarchs. She loves his good taste and sense of style.
As a Metropolitan, Kirill criticized some of the faithful for their shabby dress and said it created a negative impression of Orthodoxy adding that aesthetics in the church are of great importance. Svetalana agrees that the faithful should show more taste and fashion in their dress. Non-Russian patriarchs and others take note, try to show a little more class and dress to impress.

05 March 2010, 13:17

Patriarch Kirill’s good taste impresses designers

Moscow, February 5, Interfax – Renowned Russian designer and State Premium laureate Svetalana Begovatova confessed Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia always impresses her with his taste and style in clothing.

“I look at Patriarch Kirill’s clothes and I admire the way he is dressed. He has good taste in cloths. Few of church leaders before him were dressed like this,” she said in her interview to Interfax-Religion.

It is difficult to add something new to church vestment, but the fashion expert is sure Patriarch Kirill has managed to do it.

“I always see it in Patriarch Kirill. For example, the vestment should be blue on the Mother of God feasts, and he wears blue, but this blue is of complex and fashionable tone,” said Begovatova who heads her own design studio and formerly chaired information and analytical sector of the USSR Fashion Center and was art-director of the Burda Modern company.

Lilac and violet tones are also traditional for church vestment, but the expert believes the tone of Patriarch Kirill’s robes is “not usual, it’s a complex color too: it may be either pastel or powdery or caramel tone of lilac. He has everything chosen with good taste and understanding,” Begovatova stressed.

She urged the Patriarch’s flock to work on their appearance too and noted that “church-goers can also be dressed with taste as a person can always look stylish, even in the Church.”

Several years ago, Metropolitan and future Patriarch Kirill who then headed the Synodal Department for External Church Relations criticized some faithful for their disdain for appearance, which creates a negative impression of Orthodoxy as a whole.

“We should not create an impression of strange and dumb people if our Church is to be a Church of the people rather than that of a ghetto. We should set a good example for the people, also by our appearance,” he said.

Aesthetics in the church including the appearance of the faithful, their clothes and the church interior decoration, according to the metropolitan, are of great importance.

‘Orthodoxy is not the squalor but beauty of life. Orthodoxy does not compel us to put on bleak black-and-gray-and-brown colors’, the acting Primate of the Russian Church stressed.

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A renowned Russian designer seems to have ranked the MP Kirill as the best dressed of all Patriarchs. She loves his good taste and sense of […]
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