17 February 2010, 15:09 Penza, February 17, Interfax – Icon of Evgeny Rodinov has started giving myrrh in the St. Lukas Church at the Penza regional oncologic dispenser. Russian soldier Rodionov was executed in Chechnya in 1996 as he refused to renounce Orthodox faith.

“Myrrh came out in two spots, in a palm of his hand and where one wears the cross,” the church Rector Alexy Burtsev told journalists.

According to him, it happened during the All-Night Vigil on February 15. Parishioners, who stood behind praying, felt strange pleasant aroma.

The priest noted that on February 15, 1996, Penza-born Evgeny Rodionov was captured in Chechnya, imprisoned for a hundred days and when he refused to renounce Christian faith, militants beheaded him.


Icon New Martyr Evgeny Rodionov zamirotochila

(machine translation)
Miracle in the hospital church in the regional oncologic dispensary, which was opened in honor of St. Luke – the Archbishop of Crimea and Simferopol. Before then zamirotochila icon New Martyr Evgeny Rodionov, who was born in the Kuznetsk region.

“Speaker so oily liquid that smells. According to the testimony of researchers who took her to the chemical analysis, in the periodic table there are no such elements that make up this ointment “, – explained the priest Aleksei Burtsev.

The drops stood out on the image in two places – at one of the palms and where it should be located Underwear Cross. Happened during the evening service. Parishioners, who stood beside him and prayed, felt a strange pleasant aroma.

“After reading this odor has gone, it is from the icon, look at the icon – can not be, usually women are not stifled, and then flavor, but not spirits, ghosts do not smell” – told a parishioner Roman temple Ramazanov.

Symbolically, the significant event happened on Monday – after Pancake Day, when Orthodox Christians came during Lent and during which Candlemas, and XXI anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afganistna. Surprisingly, it began on Feb. 15-hundred-day captivity in Chechnya, Eugene, after which the guy who refused to change the Christian faith, militants beheaded. They say the priests, myrrh on icons – this is a sign from God: “These miracles to us in strengthening the sanctity, the strengthening of our spiritual strength.”

Our countryman Rodionov not yet canonized. Now, Father Alexei collecting signatures from those who own eyes saw zamirotochivshuyu icon. Later they intend to send and to our lord, and in the capital – in the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, that there was a question about the official canonization of Eugene. In the meantime, his name is called a wooden temple with onkoklinike. Complete construction of the church in memory of all soldiers-penzentsah killed in the line of duty, defending the homeland, are planning for Easter.

February 17, 2010

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17 February 2010, 15:09 Penza, February 17, Interfax – Icon of Evgeny Rodinov has started giving myrrh in the St. Lukas Church at the Penza regional […]
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