( On July 11, in Suzdal after evening prayers was meeting members of the clergy and parish councils of the Suzdal deanery on the de facto ultimatum from the regional administration officials to release the ROAC temples in Borisov, Pavlovskoe, Bec, Ivanskoe, and Krapivye on 20 July.

The president of Assembly and Archbishop Theodore of Otradnensk at the beginning said that the campaign for withdrawal from ROAC churches in the villages and started a natural outcome of litigation against ROAC against churches initiated in 2008. “Earlier in the trial the plaintiff claimed that by seizing our churches, the rights of believers are not violated, because they are places for worship in the churches of Suzdal area. Now we see that the authorities [are operating under] a deliberate policy of depriving us totally sent us all the churches and the expulsion of the faithful in the catacombs, the prohibition of public worship,” said the Archbishop. “Such religious discrimination violates all laws of the religion of Russia, and European laws, and its purpose – to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church. There is no doubt that all this is the result of direct pressure on government bodies, the first of which is from the new patriarch Cyril; such has long been promised, as the once-heretical Patriarch Nestor under King of Feodosy, to ‘put a stop to all divisions in the State'”.

The priests spoke of their meeting on July 9, with the Director of the Department of Property and Land Relations AV Denisov, noting that his position is ambiguous: on the one hand, relaxing on the other he made it clear that you’re hampered in the area” and “you must close in any case”. Nevertheless, he indicated a way out of the current impasse….

After discussion it was decided to enforce official laws and file a complaint with the Presidential Administration– and not to stop services, regardless of the threats.

July 15, 2009

ROAC: Meeting Held, Decided: Parishes will Stand against State Threat

( On July 11, in Suzdal after evening prayers was meeting members of the clergy and parish councils of the Suzdal deanery on the de facto […]
July 15, 2009

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July 11, 2009

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July 11, 2009

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