Bishop Auxentios of Etna and Portland

August 11, 2015  (Source:


St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary                                              Ὀρθόδοξος Θεολογικὴ Σχολὴ τοῦ Ἁγίου Φωτίου

8 July 2015 (Church Calendar)                                                                              Holy Great Martyr Procopios

To the Clergy, Faithful, and Friends of the Diocese,

Εὐλογία Κυρίου. With the blessing of the Lord.


Εarlier this year, with the blessing of Metropolitan Demetrios, President of the Εparchial Synod in America of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, a decision was made to establish an official theological school to train the clergy of our Church in the United States and Canada, and to locate it near the St. Gregory Palamas Monastery, the headquarters of the Diocese of Εtna and Portland. Seeing the need for such an institution to facilitate our growing witness in the Americas, and inspired by the vision of several very generous and (at present) anonymous donors who pledged funds to this end, I proceeded to acquire a suitable facility, bolstered by the support of Bishop Sergios and Metropolitan Chrysostomos, my immediate predecessors in the Sees of Portland and Εtna, respectively, which now make up our present Diocese of Εtna and Portland.

I am very pleased to report that today I signed the final escrow papers for the transfer of title to a California non-profit religious corporation, “St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary,” of an imposing, two-story, 10,500 sq. ft. facility prominently visible as one enters the town of Εtna. The facility was originally constructed in the 1980s to house offices, dormitory facilities, and a training center for the California Department of Forestry. It was sold to a Peace Corps-like NGO that trained young people for volunteer work in Africa, and was dubbed the organization’s “California Campus.” It was subsequently sold to a private owner who, in the process of making it into multiple apartment residences, agreed to sell it to the new seminary corporation.

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NFTU: Also given is a list of the Board of Directors, Administration, Professors, and Lecturers, as well as a photo of the building.

August 11, 2015

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