For a full timeline of events in the HOCNA schism, click here.

While NFTU is privy to changes that are taking place in HOCNA currently, a quick recap of the remaining parishes on the official Boston website is telling.

While certain listings have remained on the site which are no longer accurate, the numbers don’t lie: the overwhelming majority of HOCNA has already gone to the Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos after what appears to now be an undisputed confession of the name-worshipping heresy. Based on the presence in the directory, there are currently only 8 parishes with a presence of clergy who are reliably staying with HOCNA, and one of the priests runs two parishes, meaning there are actually only six parishes left with a full-time assigned priest that have remained loyal to HOCNA.

In short, the schism has left HOCNA operating with about 25% of its resources available in 2011 (before the departure of the Portland Metropolis), and the remaining clergy will have to cover an additional 5 reader missions (assuming they have not left).

Meanwhile, the parish of St Mark of Ephesus in Roslindale, the largest of the Northeastern HOCNA parishes, is suing Metropolitan Ephraim for the Church building after being given an eviction notice.

We include a letter below from Metropolitan Ephraim below describing the lawsuit from the 25th.


86 Country Club Road, Dedham MA 02026-5607
Phone: 781 329-6500; Fax: 781 329-6800
25 October /12 October, 2012
St. Symeon the New Theologian
My Beloved Orthodox Christians;
I has come to my attention that clergy presently uncanonically occupying the premises of St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral in Roslindale, MA, have apparently been disseminating misinformation about the legal proceedings concerning the aforesaid Cathedral.
The Timeline provided below will dispel any misconception about who it was that started this sad chain of events:
September 16, 2012
Fathers Christos, George and Demetrius send a letter to the Metropolitan Ephraim withdrawing from the Holy Metropolis of Boston and the Holy Orthodox Church in North America claiming heresy and stating they have joined the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece.
September 18, 2012
Father Christos sends a letter to Metropolitan Ephraim stating his parish’s intention to remain and use the property at Saint Mark’s…“ as we have been doing since we first purchased this property in 1975” [emphasis supplied]
September 21, 2012
Attorney Roy Bourgeois, of the law firm of Bourgeois White, sends a letter to Metropolitan Ephraim stating his firm was hired to assist Saint Mark’s in the “orderly transition of their parish and its property”. Attorney Bourgeois references the letter of September 18 that states Saint Mark’s parish purchased the property in 1975.
September 25, 2012
Attorney Nicholas B. Carter, of the law firm of Todd & Weld, representing Metropolitan Ephraim and the Holy Metropolis of Boston, sends a letter to attorney Bourgeois containing copies of the Deeds and legal documents that confirm that the property containing Saint Mark’s and Saint Anna’s are in the name of the Metropolis of Boston. Attorney Carter states that because Fr. Christos and the other clergy of Saint Mark’s unilaterally and voluntarily removed themselves and their parish from the Holy Metropolis of Boston they would be required to move, so that those parishioners that belong to the Holy Metropolis of Boston may re-occupy their Cathedral.
October 1, 2012
Attorney Bourgeois files a lawsuit in Suffolk County Superior Court suing Metropolitan Ephraim and the Holy Metropolis of Boston, claiming Saint Mark’s property belongs to Saint Mark’s Parish.
To put it briefly, the evidence is clear about who began the lawsuit.
In Christ
Ephraim Metropolitan
November 2, 2012

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