One of the most important results of the 2011 political years is the moral collapse of RPTsMP
by Stanislav Belkovskii
Moskovskii komsomolets, 13 January 2012

Recently the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow patriarchate (RPTsMP) has sharply increased its social and political activism. It is evident that the comrades–also known as the “hierarchy of RPTsMP”–feel a need not to stand aside from the changes that are hanging over the country of Russia.

RPTsMP has already determined its principled position: it has decided to finally distance itself from the vital portion of Russian society and to turn itself into an appendage of the executive authority, that is, “the party of crooks and thieves.” No doubt a church of crooks and thieves is a piquant thing although not completely novel in history. Even our own history, although the Borgia family is more significant in this sense.

Well, okay. Let’s get specific.

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