From August 16th to 19th, Pat. Kirill, head of the Sergianist MP, will visit Poland, at the invitation of fellow Sergianist hierarch, Met. Sawwa (Hrycuniack). This has been hailed in the press as an historic event of sorts, and one without precedent in establishing and “maintaining good and Christian relations” between Polish Papists and Moscow Sergianists.  During said visit Pat. Kirill will conduct services on August 16th at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Warsaw ( it seems as if the example of St. Mary Magdalene is continuously ignored by the Sergianist leaders).


According to Deacon Alexander Volkov, head of the Kirill press team, there will also be another reason for the visit. He states:

“Bearing in mind the importance of the protection of traditional Christian values and culture in modern Europe and the common tasks that ensue from this, the Holy Patriarch and Metropolitan Jozef Michalik, the head of the Polish Episcopal Conference [Papists], will sign a joint address to the people of Russia and Poland,” Father Alexander said.

Archbishop Jozek Michalik, “This event must not be treated in political terms but as an indication of a path, a symbol and a sign of obedience to the will of Christ, an important step on the path of forgiveness.” 

Yet, Michalik has himself been identified as Agent ‘Zephyr’ by the Polish press, a designation he received while working in some undisclosed capacity for the Polish Communist government during the 70s. So, Pat. Kirill, or as he was known by his Communist controllers, ‘Agent Mikhailov’, has a meeting with another well known former communist agent, ‘Zephyr’, and this has absolutely no political connotations?

One is left wondering what about this unprecedented event is not being spoken? So, a Russian religious leader, who is a well known and controversial political figure,  as well as a famed Soviet collaborator, and now billionaire, visits Poland, to meet with a Polish counterpart (albeit, not a billionaire), and this has no significance?

As the Patriarchal press secretary, Deacon Alexander Volkov stated, “Relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church are now at a very high level, marked by ongoing dialogue and exchange.”

One wonders what will come out of this meeting. It seems there is more going on than ‘reconciliation’. And I somehow suspect the cover of fighting ‘secularism’ masks a more insidious agenda. Everyone has an agenda here, and neither side is being upfront.


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From August 16th to 19th, Pat. Kirill, head of the Sergianist MP, will visit Poland, at the invitation of fellow Sergianist hierarch, Met. Sawwa (Hrycuniack). This […]
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