According to this rough machine translation from Porto-Credo it seems the Stalin loving “priest”, the abbot E.Zhakov is again singing the praises of his patron “saint” the infamous Communist dictator Joseph Stalin.
Zhakov caused a uproar in 2008 by having a “icon” of the dictator with Blessed St. Matrona of Moscow put up in a church in the city of Strelnya.
Below appears the recent article preceded by a couple from 2008.

27.11.2008 Stalin icon appears in Strelnya church
Stalin icon appears in Strelnya church

An icon depicting Soviet leader Joseph Stalin has appeared in a church of Leningrad district’s city of Strelnya, Novaya Gazeta reported Wednesday.

The church’s Beneficiary Evstafy Zhakov said the legend has it that Stalin would often hold discourse with Blessed Matrona of Moscow. And that is the scene depicted on the icon. However, church visitors didn’t think it was a good idea and the icon was placed in the church’s remote corner.

Beneficiary Zhakov explained that he sees Stalin as one of the nation’s fathers, no matter how bad he was. He does not believe Stalin was an atheist.

The recent events are far not surprising though, some suggest even canonizing Stalin. Stalin is believed to be responsible for 20 million deaths.


Petersburg Communists Multiply Stalin Icon

A scandal flared up due to the incident with an icon portraying Joseph Stalin put up in the Church of Grand Princess St. Olga, Equal-to-the-Apostles, in Strelna, under St. Petersburg.

Following the indignant response of church authorities the 67-year-old Father Superior Evstafy, who had put the icon up, finally had to remove it.

Officially the scandalous icon is dedicated to St. Matrona of Moscow. However, it depicts a legendary incident when the generalissimo supposedly visited the saint to ask her for advice: whether Moscow had to be defended from fascists.

The absurd situation attracted �Communists of St. Petersburg� who took the news of Father Evstafy as a sky-sign and printed about three thousand icons depicting the Kremlin tyrant alone and with a halo above his head, and distributed the icons in the city.

Priest-Stalinist of St. Petersburg celebrates the day of death “Great Leader”

Day of death “Great Leader” Notes on March 5 priest-Stalinist from St. Petersburg – the abbot Eustace (Zhakov). On this occasion he held a small meeting with like-minded, which, in particular, came the famous writer, director general of Novaya Gazeta in Nizhny Novgorod, a member of the NBP Zahar Prilepin, the correspondent “Portal-Credo.Ru”.
In the words of the national-Bolshevik, he came in order to “defend his father, who has a favorable view of Stalin in their sermons. “Father Eustace – no opposition. We used to say that we think we are – at home. This we counterwork” – so Prilepin expressed his views on Stalinism.
According to him, a priest from St. Petersburg is of the opinion “of millions of people in Russia.” They “think of Stalin as a symbol of Russian life, the greatest victory, lifting the nation’s history.”
As you know, the same support to his father Efstafiyu expressed not only “limonovtsy, but his Communist sympathizers.
Sensational story of the Abbot-Stalinist St. Petersburg diocese RPTsMP, put an icon of Stalin and St. Matrona of Moscow in the temple Saints Princess Olga in Strelna completed its withdrawal from the post of abbot. In early 2009 he was appointed second priest of the church.
By the way, at its first basement floor is arranged Martyrs Yuri – professor of criminal law at Petersburg University, Yuri Novitsky, who died at the hands of the executioners in the years of repression.
March 6, 2010

MP priest celebrates anniversary of Stalin’s passing

According to this rough machine translation from Porto-Credo it seems the Stalin loving “priest”, the abbot E.Zhakov is again singing the praises of his patron “saint” […]