True Orthodoxy in Russia

November 11, 2014 (Source:

Originally reported on November 09

October 27 / November 9, 2014, №154 (226)

Martyr Nestor of Thessalonica

Members of the Synod of the Church True Orthodox Christians of Greece.

Your Eminence, Your Grace,

I’m really glad for your letter and thank you for your concern for the unity of our sister Churches, as well as the integrity of the Russian Church. You are quite right that we, wanting to multiplying the Russian Orthodox Church, were not always sufficiently careful and exacting to those who have contacted us with a request for admission, and now we have to reap the fruits of strife perpetrated by such people.

At the end of this month here in Odessa, will be held the Extraordinary Council of Bishops, which we will consider this issue, as well as some other issues about which you mention in your letter.

Regarding Jerusalem Patriarch Irinej, I can say that even in recent decades  the Russian Orthodox Church had no eucharistic communion with the Church of Jerusalem because of her stay in the ecumenical community, but the name of the Patriarch of Jerusalem is commemorated during divine services in the territory of his diocese, i.e., in the Holy Land, according to the traditions and local regulations. Of course, there can be no question of the commemoration of our current actions of the Patriarch Theophilus, convinced ecumenist. As for Patriarch Irinej, he was a longtime friend of the Church Abroad, and it is even possible that his elimination is also associated with the process of separation of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch as this was against joining the ROCOR to the ecumenical community. Nevertheless, his name we have not mentioned during church services outside of the Holy Land (which can be easily seen, because during the services we do a live broadcast), and this practice has not been adopted before in ROCA . As for the Holy Land, I passed on to Fr. Roman  that wish that we talked about in Athens. I’m sure you can come to a mutually acceptable final result, but in this matter there is confidential information that I can say only in person. That is, for the joint and the final decision of this question I would have to personally meet with representatives of your Synod.

I assume that you have received information regarding Patriarch Irinej that is somewhat distorted, since neither I, as is easily seen, nor our other bishops who do not have the rights to do that (unless, by mistake), do not commemorate his name for the service.

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November 11, 2014

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