Ecumenical Patriarchate on the Road to Nicea 2025: Ecumenism Good, Nationalism Bad

In honor of the First Ecumenical Council, where the Church universally condemned heresy, the current heretic-in-chief wants to invite all his various heterodox buddies to commemorate together at Nicea in 2025.

(Source: The Tablet) The Ecumenical Patriarch has denied Russian claims that the whole Orthodox world is in crisis because of his decisions, and called a world meeting of churches to debate past mistakes and future priorities.

Patriarch Bartholomew, who is recognised as first among equals by leaders of the world’s 15 main Orthodox churches, said: “This was not, as some circles insultingly ascribe to us, serving political expediencies or geopolitical interests – what threatens the church’s witness isn’t openness and dialogue, but closedness and introversion.
“It is inconceivable for the nation to be declared a decisive factor in ecclesiastical life – for the church to express an ethnocentric discourse, ally with nationalist political movements, sacrifice canonical order in the nation’s name or identify itself with a historical frame. The true Orthodox faith cannot possibly be a source of nationalism.”