Euphrosynos Cafe, Traditional Orthodox Forum Hacked

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December 22, 2009
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December 22, 2009

Euphrosynos Cafe, Traditional Orthodox Forum Hacked

Image hosted by UPDATE: The site appears back up, and is undergoing changes while routine maintenance is occuring. According to site administration at Euphrosynos Cafe, “Spammers exploited a security oversight and the administrator, Fr Anastasios,  took precautions to ensure that the administrative accounts and database were not actually compromised.”

Hat tip: M.C.  Maybe we should just create a “hacked” label.

According to the Euphrosynos Cafe website, known for its large Orthodox traditionalist forum, someone apparently attempted to hack the site, and it has been taken down as of 11:50 PM Eastern time. On the site the following appears and nothing else:

“Someone tried to hack Ecafe but I intercepted them. I will be doing some stuff to make it more secure. In Christ, Fr Anastasios Dec 8/21, 2009
UPDATE: I have restored the site, but on a different location while I test security settings. It should be back in a few hours. 4:48 PM EST.”

We assume (and hope) that these are things not related, but must admit the timing is suspicious. We hope the site administrators are able to resolve these problems. NFTU


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