In memory of catacomb confessor George Stepanovich Chesnokov

In memory of catacomb confessorGeorge Stepanovich Chesnokov
(1928-2012 )
June 2, 2012 at the plant at Voronezh Tresvyatskoy the age of 84 years died on one of the oldest in Voronezh catacombniks George S. Chesnokov. He was known, without exaggeration, almost all the parishes in the catacomb of not only Russia but the whole of the former Soviet Union. Most of it came true-Orthodox from Siberia, the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, the Kuban and other areas. George was a servant of God, a thin but strong link between the various communities PTF, while at the same time being a certain “indicator” of trust. After all, if this or that person recommended George, so he can be trusted …(The Rest Here)

Catacomb confessor George Chesnokov

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