Last Original HOCNA Bishop Leaves HOCNA

Bishop Makarios of Toronto, the last of the original HOCNA bishops made in the early 1990s, has officially left HOCNA, and applied to join the Lamian Synod in Greece. According to some sources given to NFTU, Bishop Makarios has been accepted by the Lamian Synod. Bishop Makarios explains his departure as based upon the continual promotion by Holy Transfiguration Monastery and the HOCNA First-Hierarch, Metropolitan Gregory, of the condemned Imiaslavie heresy as well as HOCNA’s severance of communion with the Lamian Synod, combined with the insistence by parishioners to remove their diocese from HOCNA.

HOCNA responded by ‘suspending’ Bishop Makarios, and recently making a new HOCNA Bishop for Toronto.

The heart of HOCNA, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, has been plagued by moral scandals for 50 years, revolving around the persistent sexual abuse by the former ‘Elder’ of the Monastery, Fr. Panateleimon, who died in 2015; combining this scandal with his own personal promotion of various heresies, the last of which was Imiaslavie. Most of HOCNA membership departed from the organization around 2012 upon public admission of Fr. Panteleimon’s sexual abuse of monastics, and left for the Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos in Athens.