Metropolitan Anghelos and TOC-PC, TOC(R) Concelebrate

(source: The hierarches TOC (R) and the Greek Old Calendar Synod of Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlonos have completed full dialogue and have officially concelebrated liturgy.

The official delegation of Synod of the True Orthodox Church (R) headed by Metropolitan Rafael (Motovilov), Archbishop of Moscow and Metropolitan of All-Russia, arrived on March 26th to the Athens in residence of head of the Metropolis of Avlona and Boeotia, Metropolitan Anghelos.

As the correspondent informed “Portal-Credo.Ru”, the hierarches of the two Churches have carried on negotiations for a mutual recognition and an establishment of initial and eucharistic dialogue. The structure of the Russian delegation included two Metropolitans, two Archbishops, one Archimandrite and two Subdeacons. The chairman of Department of external church affairs of the TOC (R), and the metropolitan of Podgoritsk and Montenegro Sergy (Moiseenko) headed the delegation.

During a meeting the hierarches of two Churches have concluded an absence of initial and dogmatic obstacles to unification. Joint preliminary documents on the general confession and unity in belief which from the Greek party have been signed by the secretary of the Synod bishop Porfirios, and with Russian – Metropolitan Sergius have been accepted. The final decision about an establishment of dialogue by the Primates and the bishops will be  signed during a planned trip of the Metropolitan Anghelos to Russia for participation in the Synod meeting of the TOC (R) and brotherly joint Divine Services.

On March, 27th, in a sign “God-blessed unity of Churches” the hierarchs celebrated a joint liturgy in the main temple of a Metropolis, and Metropolitan Anghelos as a sign of respect gave hierarchical priority to the visiting Metropolitan Sergius.

On March, 29th the Russian delegation has come back to Russia.