Metropolitan Christopher of Mesogaia Leaves Lamian Synod over HOCNA Heresy

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October 28, 2013
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November 13, 2013

Metropolitan Christopher of Mesogaia Leaves Lamian Synod over HOCNA Heresy

Metr_originalMetropolitan Christopher of Mesogaia has left the Lamian Synod, according to the statement on the website Confessor, an unofficial organ of the Lamian Synod, which has sided with the Metropolitan.

The Lamian Synod united with HOCNA after the majority of HOCNA left for the Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens.

The website also provided the following translation of the Metropolitan’s departure letter:


Salamina, October 15/28, 2013

Fathers and Brothers in Christ, Beloved Children in the Lord,

I find myself in the unpleasant position of informing you that from October 11/24 of the current year I have taken myself outside the Synodal arrangement under Archbishop Makarios of the G.O.C. of Greece, for reasons of conscience.

The main reason is that I am unable to accept the union of the above-mentioned Synod with the “Holy Orthodox Church of North America” (HOCNA) because of them not supplying a written renunciation against all those known ecclesiological deviations and fallacies. From the beginning I supported this union and I expected a canonical type of union, according to the Orthodox tradition, namely a written common Confession of Faith and a renunciation on the part of HOCNA of everything that it is attributed to them concerning deviations from the Orthodox Faith and Tradition. During my oral and written protests I always received the promise of the expected God-pleasing written testimony and proof, nevertheless in vain.

Consequently, on the one hand of not being capable to accepting the ridicule of months and, secondly in denying a hypocritical participation of myself in this ecclesiastical body, I decided to sever myself from it, remembering the Sacred Vryennius saying: “There is a bad concord and a good disagreement. It can be good to be torn and bad to be in agreement. Among whom friendship becomes the ambassador of loss, to those, hate becomes a case of virtue. And better of the hateful union is the apathetic space between them.”

Wishing to all, as the Lord God enlightens all of you, the illumination of His True Light, I remain,

With best wishes and blessings,


+ Christophoros of Mesogaias and the Islands


  1. John Collis says:

    See the Confessor’s statement here:

    Nice to see a stand on principal. So how come, just across the pond, so many of the rump HOCNA remain clueless about these fundamentals? HOCNA leadership continues to deride it’s enemies and ask its parishioners to have nothing to do with its detractors. How long will they choose to remain blind? What else will it take for the remnant to wake up?

  2. John Collis says:

    “Mmmm, name-worshipping”

    “Mmmm, un-canonical departures to protect the guilty”

    “Hey, you’ve got heresy in my schism!”

    “You got more schism out my heresy!”

    HOCNA & The Lamian Synod – Two great apostasies that work great together!

    As I remain free to review dissenting opinions, I couldn’t help but notice an embarrassment on HOCNA Bp. Andrew’s blog. The link for ABp. Makarius’s blockbuster book on OC Greeks is still pointing to the website Confessor, now justly disavowing itself and Met. Christopher’s association with HOCNA over heresy.

    In the spirit of good will, I tried posting a comment to that effect, but was prevented from doing so – either it isn’t working or they anticipated me submitting any truth to their website. Anyways, for any HOCNAites, trolling this site, and insubordinate to their leadership’s desire to avoid all ‘outside’ information, please pass this tip onto the webmaster of Bp. Andrew’s blog.

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