Milan: Former Metropolitan Evloghios Puts on Mitre, Declares He’s Back

After deciding to abandon the Episcopate for over two years alongide Abundius of Como, causing a schism in the Milan Synod and attempting to place the parishes under the Moscow Patriarchate while celebrating as a priest, Metropolitan Evloghios has decided to just declare the Milan Synod back in business.

Never mind the fact that he ceded his official title to Metropolitan Onufrie of Bergamo, which was confirmed by Metropolitan John of New York, the highest remaining Bishop of the United True Orthodox Communion still part of the Autonomous Metropolia. Never mind the fact that he has made his “comeback” without the consultation of Metropolitan Onufrie or Metropolitan John, or for that matter, anybody.

Never mind the fact that he confessed and communed with and to Sergianists and Ecumenists, with a lovely portrait of Patriarch Kirill in his altar, without so much as a declaration of repentance!

Forget all that, folks. Metropolitan Evloghios is back!

His new website,, has virtually all the great Milan Synod information from back in 2007, and hasn’t been updated save for the directory of Bishops which lists himself, Abundius of Como, the retired Bishop Volodymyr, and Bishop Ildefonso, who applied and recieved status from the American Metropolia in 2012.

More on this story as it develops, although we imagine it can’t get any stranger already. We would include a picture of the “new Milan Synod”; unfortunately the pictures on the site seem to be primarily from 2008 and before.