Milan Synod Makes New Bishops; Enters into Communion with Metr Angelos of TOC-Greece (formerly of the Makarios Synod)

(NFTU) On May 18 and May 19 (New Style), Metropolitan Eulogius and Vicar-Bishop Luke of the Autonomous Metropolia of Western Europe and the Americas (the “Milan Synod”) ordained two new Bishops: a vicar for Italy for the Milan Synod (Bishop Abundius– or Abbondio in Italian– of Como) and a vicar for Metropolitan Angelos of Aulonos of Boetia (Bishop Porfirius), who, according to the most recent reports, has a monastic presence of well over 120 monastics and twenty parishes in the Athens area. The Synod also entered into Eucharistic communion with Metropolitan Angelos and his parishes, and transferred their metochia in Romania to Metropolitan Angelos.

(Update 5/29) Bishop Luca of Torcello, vicar to the Metropolitanate, was also raised to the rank of Archbishop.

Metropolitan Angelos was part of the Synod of Archbishop Makarios of Athens (previously known as the “Lamian Synod” due to being headed by Kallinikos of Lamia), but separated from them in January of 2007.

Most recently before these events, the Milan Synod received in Bishop Athansios of France from one of the Ukrainian jurisdictions.