Minor Tech Updates: Gab and Telegram Sharing

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Just for those interested in whether this is the moment NFTU comes back to life, God willing, it is. We have been making small adjustments to how we handle the changing web landscape, and are looking to increase our total online visibility. One way this happens is through adapting to new realities in social media, and so our Share buttons now include both Gab and Telegram. While neither site has a NFTU account as of yet (like our Twitter account), Deacon Joseph Suaiden can be found on Gab. (We probably will have no substantial presence on Telegram until there is a family-friendly client.)

While MeWe is shareable through “More Options”, adding it is problematic since Gab’s share link is currently generic and adding MeWe would create two links that appear identical. We haven’t found a way to add Minds to it either (sorry, Minds fans, we’re working on it).

The past few years have shown us that the threat of technological oligopoly controlling our lives is real, and we must have alternative methods to communicate and disseminate information. If your favorite social is not listed, just copy the link from the share menu until it is! (And let us know where you’re communicating!)

Now back to reporting on goings-on in True Orthodoxy, the Wonderful World of Ecumenism, and the latest in Orthodox things-going around the world!

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