Mount Athos Demands Repentance of Romanian Bishop before Opening of Synod

(Mt Athos- Source: Victor Roncea) The Communities of the Holy Mountain have sent a letter dated July 3 (New Style) requesting the Romanian Holy Synod to defrock Nicolae Corneanu for receiving communion at a Roman Catholic Monastery on May 25. (Link: here.) The text reads that “Referring to the above, we want to let you know that we can not receive Holy communion from the bishop who will determine sacramentală communion with uniates, papists, monophysites, protestants or other heretics without their prior return to the Faith Of our Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church.”

We at NFTU are betting this may have an effect. We still assume Corneanu will not be deposed, but with this action on the part of the Holy Mountain, he may well be disciplined. It is a shame that the Holy Mountain Fathers had nothing to say when tanks were surrounding the largest monastery on the Holy Mountain just a few weeks ago. But then, the Romanian Patriarch doesn’t control the Greek state police.

The Holy Synod’s meeting in Romania opens today.