MP Deacon Gennady (Kondrashov) of Optina Metochion: Patriarch Kirll is a “false Patriarch” and “false Bishop”

Public announcement by deacon Gennady Kondrashov, cleric of monastery Optina desert metochion in Moscow, for all those who want to preserve the purity of the Orthodox faith.


In this video, father Gennady talks about his separation from the false shepherds; the heretics in RPC MP hierarchy; the heretical documents; Jesuits; the destruction of catholicity by fabricated heretical repression to Orthodox system; on the compulsory application of rule 15; the discouragement and cowardice in the practice of religion; the invocation of the Lord that good will prevail evil! This is the execution letter of the will of the spiritual teacher Anatoly of Optina. This is the justification of Optina in the current silence and blame for all the timid, quiet, and those with a weak heart, and cowards. This is a call for victory in Christ and with Christ! God is almighty and gracious, let the prayers of the Virgin Mary and all the saints give grace to those who are not afraid to stand up with a new word of confession for their Orthodox faith! We already see the rays that come  to imperial Russia and its new zealous Orthodox hierarchs.

Message from a deacon Gennady Kondrashov:

My name is Gennady Kondrashov and I am a regular deacon of The monastery Optina desert metochion in Moscow (The Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul in Yasenevo).

„To the patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ Kirill.
In February of this year you initiated two apostasy events in the Russian Orthodox Church:
– including the heresy of Ecumenism into the Orthodox doctrine via a document called „Relationships of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian World“;
– and your meeting with the heretic the pope.

The result of these events was a brutal violation of the basics of the Orthodox Faith – the Church Doctrine.
I decided to apply to you the 15th rule of the Constantinople Double Council and separate myself from interacting with you. From now on you are a false Bishop and a false patriarch to me.

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