MP Joint Prayer Service with Other Religions

MP Joint Religious Service

On September 15th, at the closing of a massive ecumenical event, it appears that the MP (not to mention other Sergio-Metaxakite heretical bodies) still continue to participate on a large scale in trans-religious syncretism. But, wait! I thought they had renounced such activities. It seems not.

This all seems to go beyond standard old heretical ‘Christian’ ecumenism, since this included Muslims, etc.  If you skip to 59 minutes, in the above linked video, you will see the so-called ‘Orthodox’ participants, as they light a ‘joint candle of prayer’, etc, etc.

But, as the MP has no shown a proclivity to going to the World Congress of Religions, and meetings with Papist authorities on a normal basis, we are left with the impression that the Great Beast in Moscow will soon overpass the Little Beast of the Phanar.