MP Sends Greetings on Heterodox Pascha

According to the April 1 (NS), 2013, post by the Moscow Patriarchate website of the Department of External Church Relations, the MP sends greetings to the various heterodox and anti-Orthodox religious institutions such as the Vatican, Anti-Chalcedonian Monophysite Armenians, Lutherans, and Anglicans. Patriarch Kyrill also sends his greetings to celebrate Pascha on the day that the Church teaches is not Pascha.  The continued high level contacts and ecumenical discussion and celebrations between the MP and various other World Patriarchate religious institutions and organizations continues with a fast pace; in the recent period we have just experienced, the MP has stood out for its relations with heterodox liberal Anglicans and the head of the largest non-Orthodox religious body on earth, Pope Francis I, complete with the giving of gifts (not to mention the past kissing of the Pope’s hand).

With the widespread propagation in the ROCOR-MP of the teaching that the MP gives communion to Roman Catholics and recognizes them as true priests (and thus part of the Church), and this teaching being confirmed by the increasing theological affinities the MP and Rome shares, one wonders how long until prominent ROCOR-MP apologists will publicly criticize their Patriarch and other prominent churchmen for these matters?