Patriarch Bartholomew: There will be common observance of relations with Vatican Sister Church

November 19, 2014  (Source:

NFTU Editor: So, from now on, Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew have accepted to have a yearly ‘common observance’, with official visits.  The Ecumenical heresy is not receding but now permanently entrenched (as if it wasn’t before) in the proceedings of the fallen heterodox Ecumenical Patriarchate. As Pat. Bartholomew states all 14 “Autocephalous Churches” of World Orthodoxy have formally accepted this and the falsely named ‘dialogue of love’.   This is not a ‘dialogue of love’ but a ‘dialogue of deception’.   How many individuals who are True Orthodox now have been former Papists or Protestants, only to later learn about Orthodoxy and be impelled to convert, not from the ‘ecumenical love’ of Bartholomew but from the readings of the Scriptures, Holy Fathers, and Saints?  This author was immediately sickened by the initial form of address in the opening statement that Patriarch Bartholomew gave to the Pro Oriente organization; the ‘diplomatic community’? ‘civil authorities’?  The whole form and content of Patriarch Bartholomew’s speeches, and events, strikes as one who wishes to be the head of a ‘mini-Vatican’.  Can one imagine Our Saviour saying, “Distinguished members of the Sanhedrin”?  He had little to nothing to say to them when they tried Him, except, “I Am: and ye shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” (Mark. 14:62)

We only need recall Pat. Bartholomew’s visit to Atlanta, Georgia, a few years ago.  He came to the Greek Archdiocese cathedral for the end of Vespers, arrived for 5 or 6 minutes at a few hundred dollars a plate dinner (advertised as ‘come eat with the Patriarch’), obviously geared toward the disgusting  used car-salesman attitude of the Greek Archdiocese (forgive me for insulting used car-salesmen) run by Alexios and the rest (of which the only difference between the infamous Pangratios and the rest of the Phanar bishops in America is that Pangratios wasn’t able to hide his evils; the others are much better and know judges, such as the former Greek Archdiocese Bishop for Atlanta), then he leaves and gives an hour or so speech at Coca-Cola where he could pal around with the governor, several ‘distinguished civil authorities’, and then finally give a gift of the Qu’ran to his “brothers and sisters” the Muslims.

But all the Bartholomew and his cadre like to talk about when mentioning the True Orthodox opponents is ‘hatred’, falsely so-called (they regard you as having ‘hatred’ if you think Rome and the Protestants are heretics and must be converted, proselytized, and evangelized).  As if we True Orthodox have nothing but unbounded ‘hatred’ for our Roman Catholic, Protestant, or World Orthodox mothers, fathers, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, when we admonish them to become True Orthodox and refuse joint-prayer and services with them!  No, it is Pat. Bartholomew, the promoter of a ‘false ecumenical love’ who is the real son of hatred.  He has no love for the souls of those under him; he has only love for himself and for his kind and their mission of worldly glory of which the ecumenical heresy is their surest bet to achieving. Perhaps Pat. Bartholomew really doesn’t believe in anything, whatsoever, except himself.

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(November 8, 2014)

Your Holiness and Beatitude,
Your Eminences,
Dr. Johann Marte, esteemed President of the Pro Oriente Foundation,
Your Excellencies, most reverend church leaders and distinguished civil authorities, members of the diplomatic community,
Dear friends,

It is indeed a particular privilege and honor to be invited to address you on the auspicious occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Pro Oriente Foundation. This event marks a special and significant milestone in the history of relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. In many ways it is a mirror of the relations between our Churches inasmuch as it reflects and parallels the extraordinary steps of rapprochement and reconciliation that began half a century ago and have led to the theological dialogue and sincere exchanges between us on the parish and local, regional and national, as well as international levels.

As you are all aware, in a few days, our beloved brother in Christ, Pope Francis, will visit Istanbul, which has served as the sacred center and see of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for over seventeen centuries. We very much look forward to welcoming His Holiness to the Phanar on November 29th and 30th for the commemoration of St. Andrew the first-called of the Apostles and Thronal Feast of the Church of Constantinople. This official visit follows in the wake of our joint pilgrimage to Jerusalem only a few months ago to celebrate another 50th anniversary, namely the journey to the Holy Land by the late Pope – now officially proclaimed Saint in the Roman Catholic Church – Paul VI and Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras. We were deeply touched that Pope Francis accepted our invitation for a common observance of that occasion, which we proposed to him during our own attendance at his enthronement and solemn Inaugural Mass in March 2013.

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