Pope Francis Visit to Phanar: Joint Services with Ecumenical Patriarch and Francis Commemorated in Services

December 01,  2014  (Source: https://www.patriarchate.org)

This past November 29th and November 30th, the head of the Vatican, Pope Francis, arrived at Istanbul for the long expected heretical Ecumenical Joint-Prayer service with the leader of the heterodox “World Orthodox”, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis.  An “Ecumenical Doxology” was held at the Ecumenical Patriarch’s church in Istanbul that evening, at which, Pope Francis was accorded honours as a bishop in being received with Bartholomew at the doors of the church. During “Ecumenical Doxology”, Pope Francis was commemorated officially as “Pope” with Bartholomew was commemorated immediately after. It is standard practice for the Ecumenical Patriarchate to commemorate the heretical Vatican leader upon his visit, for example, during the 2009 visit of Benedict to the Phanar, the same happened.

Orthodox theology prohibits such commemorations, but, Patriarch Bartholomew has been well-known to be liberal and modernistic on many such issues (his belief in the ‘brotherhood’ of Islam and Christainity; his soft position on abortion; coupled with the violent persecution of monks on Mt. Athos who refuse to accept his ecumenical liberal teachings).

The few ‘fighting from within’ groups that have not left the apostate Patriarchates believe that commemoration and communion with heretics, apparently, is not a justification for any actions other than vapid statements.

Pope Francis was also invited to the Phanar’s Liturgy on Sunday, and did so with stole, standing in one of the Ecuemnical Patriarch’s thrones along with other Papaist and World Orthodox clergy.

More conservative Orthodox Christians bishops, clergy, monastics and laity separated from the Ecumenical Patriarchate and associated bodies beginning in the  1920s with the introduction of several modernistic and ecumenistic heretical ‘reforms’. This was followed, in Greece, Romania, and Russia, by extreme degrees of violent persecution against them. In Greece, the ‘reformed’ State Church violently persecuted clergy and laity, who refused to serve according to the New Calendar or accept ecumenism; the most famous was St. Catherine the New Martyr who was beat to death by Greek New Calendarist police forces while she tried to protect an elderly True Orthodox priest. In Romania, the Uniate turned “Orthodox Patriarch” unleased murderous persecution upon the True ORthodox in the 20s and 30s.  In Russia, most of the ORthodox bishops and clergy refused to go along with the modernistic-ecumenistic reforms of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and were executed by the Soviet government; only a few agreed and were, in 1942, given control of most of the church property in Russia (this is the origination of the modern day “Moscow Patriarchate”); though, a Catacomb True Orthodox Church of a few bishops, clergy, and laity survived in the Soviet Union until they came out of hiding in the 1990s (they have since been subject to additional persecution by the Russian government for their refusal to unite with the Soviet created “Moscow Patriarchate”).

The Ecumenical Patriarchate has declared that all World ‘Orthodox’ Patriarchates agree with his activities. In the Middle East, the Alexandrian and Antiochian Patriarchates have already entered into communion with condemned Syro-Jacobite and Coptic heretics.  The Phanar, despite minor opposition from Mt. Athos, has been unopposed in promoting the ecumenical heresy; he denounces the True Orthodox who call him an heretic, and has, as noted before, as has his predecessors, called for violent attacks and persecution upon them until they accept ecumenism and liberal modernism  and union with the Pope and Protestant bodies.