ROCOR-H Announcement to “Official” Bishops of South America: ROCOR-A “schismatic”

Sad. So this is what union entails. Time to round up the “schismatics”! H.T: P.S.

Statement from the office of the Diocese of South America Russian Orthodox Church Abroad : Tuesday June 15, 2010 22:36
The clergy of the South American Diocese who went into schism with the former bishop Agafangel (Pashkovsky) have been placed under interdict from serving.
According to the decree of May 31, 2010, the following priests of the Diocese of South America, opted not to reconcile with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad due to the re-establishment (this is inaccurate– NFTU) of Eucharistic communion with the Russian Church in the Fatherland (Moscow Patriarchate), but left their legitimate hierarchy and created a schism in conjunction with the ex-bishop Agafangel (Pashkovsky): Archpriest Vladimir Schlenew, Archpriest Valentin Iwaszewicz, Archpriest George Petrenko (who calls himself “Bishop Gregory”), Archpriest Constantine Bussyguin, Priest Alexander Iwaszewicz, Priest Vladimir Petrenko, Priest Miguel Berduc, Deacon Igor Baratoff, Deacon Cesareo Mortari, and Deacon Eugene Braga have been prohibited from officiating divine services, according to the following Sacred Canons: the Rules of the Apostles 31, 39, the First Ecumenical Council Rule 16, Rules of the Councils of Carthage 10.11; the Council Rules Double 13, 14, the Council of Laodocia Rule 57.
It is studying the problem of Priest Alexander Iwaszewicz, who is accused of a criminal offense in Uruguay.
We remind the faithful that any divine service which is not made within the Holy Church, even without a ban, is not a salvific sacrament but a blasphemous act by a person who has the dignity of priesthood.

John, Bishop of Caracas and South America