Romanian Orthodox prelate threatened with excommunication for sharing Communion

NFTU stands by its prediction that absolutely nothing will happen in July. (We hope we are wrong, but it’s just a prediction). Note the ending we highlighted here and the second article.

Bucharest, Jun. 11, 2008 ( – The Orthodox prelate who shared Communion with Catholics at an Eastern-rite liturgical service in May now could face excommunication from the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Orthodox Metropolitan Nicolae Corneanu of Banat joined Romanian Catholic Bishop Alexandru Mesian of Lugoj at the altar on May 25, sharing the Eucharist with the Catholic prelate. His action outraged some Orthodox believers, and the Romanian Orthodox synod announced that Metropolitan Corneanu “may be asked to give an appropriate explanation” at a synod meeting in July.

Now another Romanian Orthodox leader, Metropolitan Bartolomeu of Cluj, has introduced a move to excommunicate Metropolitan Corneanu. That proposal will be discussed at the orthodox Synod meeting in early July.

The move to excommunicate Metropolitan Corneanu has inflamed new hostility toward Catholics– and especially Eastern-rite Romanian Catholics– among Orthodox hard-liners who regard any association with Catholics as suspicious. Critics have also raised heresy charges against the Orthodox Bishop Sofronie of Oradea, who participated in an ecumenical blessing-of-the-water service in January, on the feast of the Baptism of Christ, with his Romanian Catholic counterpart.


Moscow Demands Explanation From Romanian Metropolitan

June 6 (Interfax) – Head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Kirill addressed the head of the Romanian Patriarchate Sector for External Church Relations Bishop Cyprian to clear up the information about Romanian hierarch communing at the Catholic mess.

In his letter, Metropolitan Kirill asks bishop Cyprian “to clear out if indeed a prominent Romanian Orthodox hierarch communed with those who don’t belong to the Orthodox Church,” the Moscow Patriarchate official website has reported on Friday.

The letter also asks “Patriarch Daniel of Romania and the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church express their attitude to this event.”

As Interfax-Religion has reported earlier, Metropolitan Nicolae of Banat communed at a liturgy in the Greek-Catholic Church in Timisoara in presence of the apostolic nuncio to Romania Archbishop Francisco Javier Lozano.

And there are photos. We here are curious as to how the Patriarchate would act if he said, “no, not I. That must have been another Metropolitan Nicolae Corneau.” — NFTU