RTOC and GOC-Chrysostomos

We have not gotten official confirmation of this story, noting that official notification has not been released and there are practical considerations to be resolved shortly. We are praying to see this union happen (if it is happening) and waiting eagerly for official word. NFTU

(portal-credo) This, third meeting of Russian and Greek hierarchs started in Monastery Panahrandu in Megara, nearby Athens, the seat of the Archbishop Chrysostomos, First-hierarch of Greek True Orthodox Church. Russian Church was represented by three hierarchs: Archbishop Venijamin and Archbishop Germogen headed by Archbishop Tikhon, the First-hierarch of the Russian Church,accompanied by proto-presbyter Viktor Melekhov.This first day of meeting Greek Church was represented by following hierarchs: First-hierarch Archbishop Chrysostomos, Metropolitans Maximus, Kalinikos, Justin, Chrysostomos the younger, Gerontius and bishops Photius and Gregory. From the True Orthodox Church of Serbia hieromonk Akakije was present to this meeting as an observer. To our regret, due to a visa problem, hieromonk Akakije was absent from the first day of meeting.
Entering the Monastery, guests were lead to the main Monastery Church of The Birth of The Godmother, while the bells were ringing.The two First-hierarchs, Archbishop Chrysostomos and Arhcbishop Tikhon exchanged brotherly kisses as did all other hierarchs and then guests entered the Altar through Holly doors to bough to the Altar-table.The whole event was completed by beautiful Byzantine style singing of monastery nuns. Afterwards, official addresses of both sides on communion were delivered by the First-hierarchs personally. So, the First session of the Joint Council took place. On this session all the eclesiological and canonical questions were harmonized.
The following day, while Russian hierarchs were on the island ofEgina, to venerate St.Nectarius, Greek hierarchsmet at the historical Monastery of St.Nicholas where Metropolitan Akakije Papas (the younger) led them through the Monastery and showed them the Church devoted to St.Mina, where first hierarchs of Greek church were ordained by Blessed Memory Bishop Leontije from Chile of Russian Church Abroad and Akakije Papas (older), large Church of St. Nicholas where the relicts of Blessed Memory Archbishop Akakije Papas (older) lie, as well as numerous memorables of Russian Church Abroad the most valuable of which is the podriasnik of St. John the Wonder-worker of Shanghai and San Fransisco.
Next day, in the Synod quarters in the center of Athens, Greek Synod held a session on final acceptance of communion of the two Churches.Some of the hierarchs suggested that the first joint liturgy should be held the following day, on Saturday, Sept.26th, but the problem of complete organization of this historical event and announcements to hierarchs and faithful people, delayed the first joint liturgy for November 26th, the Name-day of His Grace Archbishop Chrysostomos in the Panahrandu Monastery in Megara, Greece.
After this Synodsession, Greek and Russian hierarchs met again in glorious famous Monastery of St. Irini Chrysovalantu, masterpiece of Byzantine Architecture and Art, in the Athens vicinity of Likovrisi.The sightseeing of the monastery was followed by formal lunch for all guests. The day ended in Panahrandu Monastery where final talks were held on future joint liturgies and common actions.
Both sides are over-joyous with final results of these historical negotiations. On their way back to Russia, the Russian hierarchs will stop in France in Lesna Monastery devoted to Holy Godmother, where they will take part in celebration of the Day ofLesna Wonder-working Icon of Godmother on October 4th (new calendar).