Serbian and Antiochian Patriarchates Continue Ecumenist Activity with Monophysite Heretics

On June 2, 2019, during a visit to Syria, the Serbian Patriarch Irinej, participated, along with Patriarch John of Antioch, in a join ecumenical service with Monophysite Syro-Jacobite clergy, including the Monopysite patriarch. Patriarch Irinej preached his heretical ecumenist teaching by proclaiming that ” theologians of both churches agreed that we confess the same belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word.”

Even more explicitly, Patriarch Irinej fundamentally denied the authority of the Ecumenical Councils which anathematized the Monophysite heretics, and proclaimed that the “Syriac Church” and his own Serbian “Church” were, in fact, “One Church”:

“What unites us is love and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; we are one Church, although, sorrowfully, the historical circumstances had divided us”.

It is clear that the Serbian Patriarch, along with the Antiochian Patriarchate [which has already an agreed ecumenical agreement with the Monophysites allowing joint sharing of ‘sacraments’ in some cases], has already in essence, by denying the anathema of the Ecumenical Councils and teachings of the Fathers and Saints about there heresy of the Syro-Jacobites, confirms its already apostate state from the Orthodox Church.

The Synodikon of the Holy Spirit, appointed to be read on Pentecost Monday, among many definition, decrees, and anathemas of the Church, proclaims:

“To those who scorn the venerable and holy ecumenical Synods, and who despise even more their dogmatic and canonical traditions; and to those who say that all things were not perfectly defined and delivered by the synods, but that they left the greater part mysterious, unclear, and untaught, ANATHEMA.”

“To those who hold in contempt the sacred and divine canons of our blessed fathers, which, by sustaining the holy Church of God and adorning the whole Christian Church, guide to divine reverence, ANATHEMA.”

“To all things innovated and enacted contrary to the Church tradition, teaching, and institution of the holy and ever-memorable fathers, or to anything henceforth so enacted, ANATHEMA.”

Various additional decrees against joint prayer with the non-Orthodox as well as decrees against uniting with, or participating in heresy, as well as removing or denying the anathemas of the Church, while well known, are officially denied by modern ecumenists, who view themselves, in their blasphemy, as superior to the Fathers and Councils.