True Orthodoxy in the Philippines: How Incompetence, Greed and Dishonesty Led to the Sudden Blossoming of True Orthodoxy in Mindanao

The claims made by former Aglipayan priests, then baptized laypeople in the Moscow Patriarchate just three years hence, were incredibly serious. What had been presented in the mainstream Orthodox media in the West and Russia as a joyous missionary success was at best a failure of catastrophic proportions or at worst a deliberate attempt at a property grab, complete with photo-ops, while making claims of some miraculous flowering of Orthodoxy in the Philippines while spiritually starving the people so recently converted.

In 2015, over 30 clergy of the Philippine Independent Church– a national break-off of the Roman Catholic Church, also called “Aglipayan” for its first Supreme Bishop, Gregorio Aglipay– and thousands of laypeople were baptized en masse by priests of the Moscow Patriarchate. The following is the tragic story of what happened after this event, and finally how a group of a few hundred fait