562 Years Since the Fall of Constantinople

May 29, 2015  (Source: http://greece.greekreporter.com)

The fall of Constantinople was the result of a three month siege by the Ottoman army, led by Sultan Mehmed II. At the time, Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos was the  ruler of the Byzantine capital. The siege lasted from April 6 to Tuesday, May 29 1453. When Constantinople was finally captured, the millenary Byzantine Empire ceased to exist.

The following is a National Geographic documentary explaining the historical events of 1453.

On Tuesday night, May 29, between 1 am to 2 am the Ottoman army attacked the city, from three sides simultaneously. The Byzantines were able to cut off the underground tunnels when the Ottomans tried to cross under the walls. Although their numbers were much higher, the Byzantines were repelled several times, resulting in terrible losses. Mehmed II’s third and final attack was very carefully organized.

With great perseverance, the Ottomans attacked the part of the walls which were near the Gate of St. Romanus, where the Emperor was fighting along with his soldiers. One of the city’s main defenders, Genoese captain Giovanni Giustiniani was seriously injured and forced to abandon the fight.

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