A New Web Site for the United Communion of True Orthodox Churches

Update: As of August 2012, the website has been under redevelopment and has been moved to trueorthodox.tk

Update: this post has been modified to reflect that there are other True Orthodox jurisdictions not part of the Communion of True Orthodox Churches in the linked website.

A new website has been created to manifest the global presence of the United Communion of True Orthodox Churches, which was formed in 2011 through the union of four True Orthodox jurisdictions throughout the world. The website, http://trueorthodox.info, reflects the full communion these Churches have with each other in Greece, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, comprising hundreds of Churches and parishes throughout the Orthodox world and the West.

The primary acts of communion, signing of the Union declarations, and concelebrations, took place in 2011 in Greece and Russia.

The website language is primarily in English, but will carry news from throughout the all the jurisdictions of the United Communion of True Orthodox Churches. The site is in development stages, and the webmasters hope that it will be a one-stop resource for learning about the Orthodox faith, life, and to help True Orthodox better communicate one with another.