Additional New Calendar Greek Priest Suspended for Non-Commemoration


Fr. Photios Tzouras, a priest of Stavrodromi, Serres, Greece, has ceased commemoration of his ruling hierarch, Metropolitan Makarios of Sidirkastro, reports. The priest recently announced his decision to his parish community.

As he informed the congregation, Fr. Photios appreciates and respects Met. Makarios, but is forced to stop commemorating him at the Divine Liturgy as he does not take a stand against the ecumenistic practices and attitude of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in regard to Roman Catholicism, which the priest considers to be heretical.

Emphasizing that by this act he was neither creating nor entering into a schism, Fr. Photios also told his congregation that he intended to consider serving them in the same parish, in the same diocese. Rather than an act of scorn or rebellion, Fr. Photios explained that he hopes this action will act as a catalytic medicine to bring Metropolitan Makarios back to a strong confession and defense of the holy Orthodox faith. However, he did add that he would step aside if ordered so by the diocese.

This is precisely what happened, as Met. Makarios responded quickly, forbidding Fr. Photios to serve the Divine Liturgy.

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NFTU: As previously reported, Fr. Theodore Zisis ceased commemoration of the New Calendar Metropolitan of Thessalonika, Met. Anthimus. For this he was suspended and excommunicated along with others.