Archaeologists Discover Grave of Protomartyr St. Boris Enravota of Bulgaria

July 01, 2015  (Source:

[Originally reported on June 25]

The archaeologists who have recently started the excavations of the Great Basilica in Pliska, capital of the First Bulgarian Empire (632/680-1018) between 680 and 893 AD, have discovered the grave of St. Boyan Enravota, an heir to the throne who became Bulgaria’s first martyr for Christianity in the early 9th century AD.

The discovery of the grave of St. Boyan Enravota, also known as Voin (“Warrior”), who lost not only the throne but also his life because of his devotion to Christianity, has been announced byBulgaria’s National Museum of History. Bulgarian media immediately described it as “sensational“.

A team of archaeologists led by Prof. Pavel Georgiev has recently started excavating the ruins of the Great Basilica in Pliska, the largest Christian temple in Europe from the 9th until the 17th century (i.e. until the construction of the St. Peter Basilica in the Vatican). The excavations are supposed to set the ground for the restoration of the Great Basilica in order to promote both patriotic sentiments, and cultural tourism in Bulgaria.

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