Bishop Anthony (Grabbe) Reposes in the Lord

(New York – 12.09.05) His Grace Bishop Anthony (Grabbe), son of Bishop Gregory (Grabbe) of New York, has reposed in the Lord at the age of 79. He reposed at about 11:15 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Bishop Anthony became a Bishop under one of the branches of the TOC of Greece after leaving the ROCOR in 1985. He was received as a retired Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in 2001. The son of one of the most eminent canonists of the ROCOR, Bishop Gregory (Grabbe), Bishop Anthony contributed the wisdom of old Russia to our Church in its most difficult period. He was quoted as saying, when asked why he would be accepted as a retired Bishop in ROAC, “that I wish to die in the Russian Church.”

According to Fr John Shaw of ROCOR, Bp Anthony will be buried at Novo-Diveeyevo Convent in Spring Valley, NY.NFTU