Bishop Martine Pastoral Visit to Kursk

(source: His Grace Martine, Bishop of Aleksinsk and Southern Russia arrived in Kursk on the eve of the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos. On his arrival, Vladika immediately served a memorial service at the gravesite of Fr. Lev Lebedev. Fr. Lev’s son, Fr. Vyacheslav Lebedev and Fr. Valery Roznov co-celebrated. Following the Pannikhida, Vladika visited Holy Trinity Parish where he met with Fr.Lev’s Matushka Andronika and several parishioners.

Following his visit with Fr. Lev’s family, with whom Vladika has long been acquainted, he headed off to Amosovsk and the ROCA parish of Saints Peter and Paul. Here he was greeted with the ringing of bells and singing according to the practice of greeting a Bishop. Vladika blessed the faithful, blessed the Church with holy water, and during the Vigil tonsured Readers and Subdeacons. The following day on the Feast, Vladika consecrated Subdeacon Vladimir to the office of Deacon.

The parish Priests Valery and Vyacheslav co-celebrated Liturgy with Vladika on the Feast day. Bishop Martine gave an edifying sermon and to commemorate his visit he presented the parish with a photograph of St John of Shanghai.
Expressing the gratitude of the parish, Fr. Valery presented Vladika with Paschal vestments. Following the service the faithful gathered for tea, where Vladika responded to questions. Bishop Martine’s visit left a lasting impression on the faithful.