Bp Akakije (STOC) Commends Move of Bp Demetrius (HOTCA); Name-worshipper Guru Luriye Comments

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September 27, 2012
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September 28, 2012

Bp Akakije (STOC) Commends Move of Bp Demetrius (HOTCA); Name-worshipper Guru Luriye Comments

In a post dated 9/24 on the Serbian True Orthodox website, Bp Akakije of Resavska and Shumadija expressed congratulations to Bp Demetrius of Boston (HOTCA) for his change in jurisdiction, and hope that he will play a role in improving relations between the GOC-Kallinikos and the RTOC, which raised Bp Akakije to the Episcopate and established the Serbians as members of the RTOC Synod.

In his letter, Bp Akakije gives a description of the events from an “ecclesiastical” perspective (namely, that the question of Imyaslavie takes precedents over other reasons for the division) and expresses the hope that the union will improve current relations between the GOC, the RTOC, and the STOC: “Bishop Demetrios is a good friend of our STOC, and especially monastery of New Stjenik to whom he gave financial support. He is a big supporter of Slavic Orthodoxy and supporter of union among True Orthodox. His reception into the GOC certainly will strengthen his position, and influence speeding up the process of overcoming the painful division between the GOC and the Russian and Serbian TOC.”

Meanwhile, in a post dated 9/22, so-disant “Bishop” Gregory Lourie, indirectly the author of much of the confusion in HOCNA, stated his disappointment with the reception of Bishop Demetrius. After complaining that that Bp Demetrius condemned the name-worshipping heresy during a trip to Russia to meet with them last year, he noted that while visiting his church where an “icon” of Antony Bulatovich, the founder of name-worshipping was present, Bp Demetrius venerated it after identifying it.



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    Would you still have the link to the original post by Bp Akakije? I did a quick search and couldn’t find it. Thank you!

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